Thursday, July 23, 2020

Anne Arundel County Teachers write a parody with me about Virtual Teaching!

Had a great time with about AACPS 21 teachers in a virtual PD, where we wrote about the trials and tribulations about teaching online classes. I’m proud that they were so game, and that they completed this song in about 15 minutes!

Teach You Maybe! - parody of Call Me Maybe

Log into Classroom right now
Turn mic off don't make a sound
Stay focused don't fool around
Complete work then TURN IN.

Please plug in your microphone
Even though were home alone
Online school who would've known
It's school in a new way

Yes we can hear you
Closed mouth when you chew
Come back we're not through
No clothes on a school crime.

Hey. It's a strange time. And we're online how?
So get a device. I will teach you now.
And wear your PJs. Ready to say wow!
It's online learning. I will teach you now!

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