Saturday, July 20, 2019

Songs by SummerReads 2019 students: Windsor Hills ES

This summer I’m teaching two SummerReads residencies, where we have a few days to write a song together. I’ve focused on the theme of space travel in our books.

Parody of Beat It based on the book Moustronaut
Moustronaut was getting ready to go
To take a trip to Mars, he was ready though
But they didn't call his name, so he had to stow
So fly it, just fly it

5-4-3-2-1 blasted off to space
Take a trip to Mars, at the red place
The lander didn't work so Moustronaut took their place
Just fly it, Moustronaut saved the day!

Just fly it, fly it, fly it, fly it
He stowed away, he tried it
Used the ship to land on Mars
Moustronaut reaching for the stars
Just fly it

Parody of Beat It - theme of space travel
I built a rocket to go to space
I left the earth to go to another place
I was flying so high, but it took a couple days
So leave it, just leave it

They told me you don't even wanna see Mars
You will never make it cuz it's too far
But I made it anyway and I flew to the stars
I made it, just made it

Just leave it, leave it, leave it, leave it
Going to the moon to see it
Flying a rocket in outer space
Traveling to a whole 'nother place
Just leave it

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