Saturday, September 30, 2017

Creative Kids Center Summer Camp 2013

Creative Kids Center summer camp, grades 1-6

At this summer camp we wrote parodies about character, but we also painted giant self-portraits, and did other art projects.

The Coolsburgh Song 
by the Creative Kids campers, summer 2013

Coolsburgh is an epic city
Waterfalls, parks and beaches are pretty
Splendid schools and malls and zoos
When I’m there tell them good news

Swimming and soccer, art and music,
Praneeth plays beats with his drumstick

Saniya loves rainbows and riding bikes,
A teacher that everybody likes

Falaweme is very caring and kind,
Known for my intelligent mind.
I’ll be a cop that’s brave and strong,
Teach the citizens right from wrong


I like to ride my bike and walk,
I like to play Xbox and talk.
Making houses is what I want to do,
One day I will build something for you

Policeman Jonathan, bad guys I arrest them,
Chasing them, catching them, teach them a lesson.
Give them a ticket when they’re bad,
Put them in prison makes them mad

Rap songs I play them all day long,
Friends call me T but I’m Tavon.
I’m strong and buff, but not too rough,
I’d like to show you that I am tough.
Also I’m so full of sass,
It’s just like a lotta hot gas.


Amber the doctor helps people all day,
I’m very nice is what my friends say.

My name is Reghan, I’m not a girly girl,
I play video games or sing to the world

Alanis, teacher, kind and sweet,
Happiest princesse you’ll ever meet.
I’ll help students with their math,
Have lots of fun and make them laugh.


I put make up on myself, my name is Mireia,
Singing in the pool, I gymnastics player

I am Parth, a great novel writer,
I want to be a firefighter.
Fires are what I’m going to smother,
And I love to care for my mother

I am Sisi, I love to sing,
Intelligence is what I bring.
I’m beautiful and caring too,
Tap dancing is what I used to do

My name is Latrina and I want to be a teacher,
And I also want to be a preacher.
Latrina I tell you, that’s my name,
And the Wii, is my game


I’m Janiyah, I’ll be a nurse,
If I do worse I’ll be cursed.
My best friend Reghan says I’m kind,
With a very creative mind.

Lemar is my name, football is my game,
I run so fast that I leave flames.

I like playing music and drawing art,
I want to be an engineer.
I like friends and electronics too,
I love middle school but not the tests here.

Dr. Bhavya helps people when they feel bad,
When they’re sick to make them happy not sad.


Don’t Tell My Mommy (Parody of Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen)
verse 1:
I didn’t want to dis you
But then you stepped on my shoe
Called me ugly things too
Then you ruined my day

verse 2:
I’d get my revenge on you
Getting in trouble in school
I couldn’t go to the zoo
Because you told on me

Your chips were flying
Bruised arm, you were crying
Whole time you were lying
But you can still be my friend

Hey, I just hit you
I’m really sorry
So please forgive me
Don’t tell my mommy

It’s hard to be nice
When you are crying
I feel so yucky
While I’m rhyming

verse 3:
You took your time at the mall
Jumped in ball pit all day long
I had no chances at all
Forgive you every day

verse 4:
My brother wanted to sneeze
But not right in my face please
It sprayed all over my knees
And I was furious

Before you came into my sight
I dissed you so bad
You made me so mad
I dissed you so so bad

Before you came into my sight
I dissed you so bad
You made me so mad
I dissed you so so bad

Don’t tell my mommy...

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