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Westbrook ES 2012

Westbrook Elementary parodies


Westbrook Elementary School: incredible!

My first time at Westbrook was so wonderful, I loved everybody there, and the students were incredible songwriters. There are some great lyrics here. Students were studying different ecosystems: desert, ocean, rainforest, tundra.

•Swimming in the Sea (parody of Rolling in Deep by Adele)
There's a blue crab pinching at my toes
I stepped in seaweed and it's feeling really gross
Sand's in my eyes, I feel like my fear's grown
I never was a fan of the intertidal zone

In the ocean there is a sunlit zone
With all the sharks and coral you'll never be alone
On the floor there are lots of rocks and sand
On this layer it's a colorful wonderland

The waves crash down a roll of thunber
Belugas gliding rising like the tide
I'm at peace full of wonder
I won't stop swimming

I really had a ball
Swimming in the sea
My bathing suit is filled with sand
And I dove down to the deep

The twilight zone in starting to get dark
I get scared of all the giant sharks
Did you know it's a thousand meters deep?
This is where the octopi all creep

(pre-chorus & chorus)
There's a light that attracts lots of prey
In the abyssal zone there is no light of day
This light comes from the creepy angler fish
The pressure is so high any human will get squished

(You're gonna wish you never had let me) 
I really had a ball
(Get in the water, I'm never gonna leave!)
I really had a ball
(You're gonna wish you never had let me) 
A ball, a ball, a ball

(pre-chorus & chorus)

•Never Rains Ever (parody of Never Say Never by Justin Bieber)
Never rains ever...
The desert is a place with little rainfall
The sun beats down upon the Kalahari
So hot my head is pounding I need Tylenol
'Cuz we're goin' on a big safari

And there's just no turning back
When you're on a camel's back
Maybe see a big flash flood
Or we'll desiccate!

It may never rain ever (It's so dry!)
Desert hot arid weather (I may fry!)
Sandstorms you may knock me down
But I won't stay on the ground
Burnin' up
Burnin' up
Burnin' up
Burnin' up up up
It may never rain ever 
Ne-never rain ever
Ne-never rain ever
Ne-never rain ever

Saguaro cactus lives without rainwater
In this spiky waxy giant lives a wren
THe Sahara is 110 or hotter
The sneaky hyena family builds its den

pre-chorus & chorus

Now nothing's hotter than here
And drier than here
And sandier than here
And the days are a little bit longer out here
And the sun is stronger out here
Kalahari and Death Valley don't get precipitation
Gobi and Mohave better get some irrigation
It's hotter than the rest
The heat is the highest
The air is the driest
The animals are shyest
And the desert is covered in sand
There might be an oasis
in the middle of dry land

pre-chorus & chorus

•My Leafy Umbrella (parody of Umbrella by Rihanna)
The forest floor is full of bugs and more
Ants are crawling 'round and jaguars can be found
Covered in roots and ferns, snakes slither and squirm
And iguanas camouflage, it's a real hodge-podge

When the rain falls we'll grow together
Scales and bark and fur and feathers
Said I'll always be your friend
Care for me and I'll be there till the end
Wind and sun and stormy weather
We'll survive and thrive together
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
My leafy umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

The understory's like a party full of life
Including ocelots and other wild life
Thought it's a little dark, the trees can still grow bark
And it's so colorful that it is never dull


Look up in the canopy and maybe you will see
An awesome sausage tree or a really loud parakeet
In this cheerful place you can see birds and snakes
And it's a colorful dream that is bright and green


There's lots of trees above the canopy
In the emergent layer where all the birds fly free
And even through the rain the lemurs entertain
You can see it all from an aeroplane


end tag:
It's raining (raining)
Ooh yeah it's raining (raining)
Stand under me
Stand under me
It's raining (raining)

•Freezing (parody of Beat It by Michael Jackson)
When in the tundra the temperature's low
The animals are hiding in the icy snow
There's a layer of dirt and the permafrost below
It's freezing, just freezing

I heard that wolverines they live around here
After I found out I should've disappeared
But it was much too late I got bit right in the ear
So freeze it, and the tundra swan stared

Freeze it, freeze it (2x)
It's cold but I won't be defeated
This is no game, it's tough to survive
If you can't take it, I guess it's goodbye
It's freezing, so freezing 

I heard you running to your underground lair
I'm really hungry, you don't seem to care
You're an arctic hare and I'm a polar bear
I'll eat you, just eat you

The tundra has a lot of plants around here
Don't wanna see the cotton grass disappear
The stems are really low and that's the way they grow
So freeze it, it's 20 below


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