Saturday, September 30, 2017

Rolling Knolls ES 2014

Parodies at Rolling Knolls Elementary


Grade 5 writes about the solar system

Planets (parody of “Trouble When You Walked In” by Taylor Swift)
written by Ms. Hagberg’s class

verse 1:
Once upon a time a couple weeks ago
An alien came by, he said his name was Joe
He grabbed me by the knee, he zoomed us to light speed, as far as I could see-ee-ee
He dropped me off on Mars, where there were flying cars
And when I fell hard, I could see the stars
It was inspi-iring, ama-azing, and e-everything-ing

pre-chorus 1:
The earth alone
Only planet that supports
And gives homes to life of all sorts

‘Cuz I knew you were planets when we zoomed in
Should we check out Venus
We flew to places we've never been
Till we find the right place
I knew you were planets when we zoomed in
Should we look at Pluto now
We flew to places we've never been
All the planets are spinning round
Oh no, choices, planets, places
Oh no, choices, planets, places

verse 2:
Then we went to Neptune with my buddy Joe
We got on his spaceship and I stubbed my toe
My bloody little toe, looked like planet Mars
And Jupiter can see it clearly through the stars
I’m scream-ing, I’m wheez-ing, so intuitive-ive-ive-ive-ive-ive

pre-chorus 2:
And the sun is long gone
And the planets are too
Every thing is gone, that’s including you


And the atmosphere surrounds the earth
Martians always loved space, and stars, and shining things, and satellites
In spa-a-a-ce


I knew I hit earth when I saw life
Oopsies, oopsies, oopsies
I knew I hit earth when I saw life
Oopsies, oopsies, oopsies

Planets (parody of “Treasure” by Bruno Mars)
written by Ms. Davisson’s class

verse 1:
Here we go, here we go, here we go round the sun
You’re the only planet where life sustains
You’re wonderful, flawless, and you can’t be outdone
For now the planets in our solar system remain

pre-chorus 1:
The sun
We need it every day for life oh life, (life oh life)
The sun
The brightness gonna show you that the sun does shine (sun does shine)

Massive, that is what you are
The sun’s our shining Star
I know you can make my Earth live
That's the gift you give
That's the gift you give, oh, oh

verse 2:
Pretty earth, pretty earth, pretty earth, You are so round
A place like Pluto should never be so small
You're the only planet that has living creatures
None of the other planets have life at all

pre-chorus 2:
Oh, whoa, oh-oh
Jupiter has a storm but the earth has life (Earth has life)
Oh, whoa, oh-oh
Sun, you heat the planets when you shine oh shine

chorus 2:
Rotation, that is how you move
Day and night we find our groove
Revolution causes seasons too
If you let orbit you
If you let orbit you, oh, oh

Mercury, Venus, Earth Mars and Jupiter
Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, no no Pluto
Mercury, Venus, Earth Mars and Jupiter
Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, no no Pluto

chorus 3:
Planets, That is what you are
Going ‘round our giant star
Spinning on axis ‘round and ‘round
The solar system is so cool-ool-ool

Outer Space (parody of “Shake if Off” by Taylor Swift)
written by Ms. Joseph’s class

verse 1:
We’re loading up the bus, 
We’re in such a rush
And the teacher made a fuss, 
The teacher made a fuss
We’re flying through the air, 
We’re so close to being there
I was shaking in my chair, mm-mm, 
I was really scared, mm-mm

pre-chorus 1:
We flew past Saturn
But it didn't matter
Till we got to Neptune and froze to death, 
Saying it's not going to be alright

‘Cuz Mars is made out of clay, clay, clay, clay, clay
And the planets rotate-tate-tate-tate-tate
Babe the sun will make you bake, bake, bake, bake, bake
In outerspace, outer space
Asteroids are gonna break, break, break, break, break
And Neptune is blue and gray, gray, gray, gray, gray
Venus gonna make you sweat all day, day, day, day, day
In outer space, in outer space

verse 2:
We got to Jupiter first
The storm it was the worst
We shot up to space, mm-mm, 
A different place, mm-mm
We’re landing on the star, mm-mm, 
And dancing on Mars, mm-mm
Bouncing to far, mm-mm, 
Playing our guitar, mm-mm

pre-chorus 2:
We went to Uranus
That made us so famous
So we went to Mercury 
And we all got sunburn on our face


Hey hey Neptune, just think while we’ve been going round and round about the little, sad, tine planets of the galaxy, you could’ve been getting down to me

My ex-planet spins his own new way
He’s like, ‘Call me Pluto, but it’s not my fault
‘I’m the place over there with the icy cold glare
Won’t you orbit on over so we can spin, spin, spin


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