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William Paca ES 2011

William Paca E.S. parody songs


William Paca Elementary School, grade 3

We focused on “Main Idea” for these songs:

Wild Turkeys (a parody of When Johnny Comes Marching Home using a short non-fiction text)
When wild turkeys hunt for food,
Hurrah, hurrah!
If they're in a hungry mood,
Hurrah, hurrah!
Lots of nuts and berries to eat,
They find them such a sweet treat,
And they gobble, gobble, when turkeys are munching food!

When wild turkeys lay their eggs,
Hurrah, hurrah!
They fall down between their legs,
Hurrah, hurrah!
Big, speckled, tan and brown
They lay their eggs upon the ground, and they're
Bigger than chicken eggs,
The gobblers hatching out!

Wild turkeys are quick and fast,
Hurrah, hurrah!
They're always too fast to catch
Hurrah, hurrah!
They run faster than a horse
They fly over their head of course
And they run as fast as the Steelers' Antonio Brown!

Domesticated turkeys, 
Hurrah, hurrah!
They eat so much, that's why theyr'e fat
Hurrah, hurrah!
Turkey legs, they taste so great
You'll find them on my dinner plate, and we'll 
All be there when Thanksgiving is here!

Ms. Sieracki's class:
Navajo Code Talkers (parody of On Top of Spaghetti using a short book about WWII Navajo code men)
Navajo Code Talkers
American soldiers, the Second World War,
The Japanese airplanes, Bombed Pearl Harbor shore.
In nineteen forty two, We wanted pay back,
In nineteen forty five, We won the attack,

Mister Phil Johnston, Found Navajo words,
The hardest language, In the whole world.
His parents had taught him, At the reservation,
Living there with the Navajo nation,

The Navajo language Was our secret code,
The Japanese army, They never would know.
They couldn't make sense of The high voice and low,
Our communications On the radio.

The Navajo soldiers Used their secret code,
Won in the Pacific, The battle was over.
So we beat Japan, And evened the score,
The Navajo Heroes, They helped win the war.

Ms. Jones' class: 
How Animals Talk (parody of Puff the Magic Dragon using an article about animal intelligence)
Animals communicate in many different ways,
Wolves howl and yowl, message: "Stay away!"
They raise their backs and use stiff legs, a menacing sight,
They howl up at the moon, when it's shining down so bright! Oh,

Insects communicate in many different ways,
Black widow spiders walk on webs to say: "I'm not your prey!",
Caterpillars leave a stink in a big ol' fat oak tree,
And if you get too close to them, their stink will make you sneeze, oh,

White tailed deer they flick their tails to say: "Follow me!",
Bull elk, they rub their horns, against many trees 
Mark their territory, how they communicate
And they also crack their horns, fighting for their mate, oh,

Beluga whales blow bubbles, in the great blue sea,
Penguins squawk and jump around,
And open their mouths to eat,
They dance for their mates in many different ways,
Manatees touch whiskers, greeting with a loving gaze.

Ms. Morris' class:
Animal Smarts (a parody of Let it Be using an article about animal intelligence)
When animals invent cool tools,
Digging termites out of hills,
Betty hooked sweet treats
With her bill.
When a boxer crab is in a battle
He grabs a sea anemone,
Every time he fights
In the sea.

Main idea, main idea,
Main idea, main idea,
Animals are smart, the,
Main idea.

When a poison dart frog makes her eggs
She remembers where they are
In the big rainforest, 
Near and far.
And Alex the bird, he recognizes
Shapes and patters with his mind
Thinking thoughts of wisdom
That's just fine.

Some animals are wise and sneaky,
Fu Manchu set himself free, 
Picking locks is his
Cup of tea.
Koko the Gorilla learned sign language,
Invented words with her hands
Betsy knows hundreds
Of commands.

Ms. Markowski’s class:
Find the Main Idea (a parody of Yellow Submarine using an article about animal communication)
A male deer against trees rub 
To tell other deer it's time to flee 
And two bull elk crash their horns 
To see who's stronger, you or me?

Pikas "Eeek" a loud warning 
Quickly run to-a safer place 
White-tailed deer they flick their tails 
Alerting danger change your pace!

Animals communicate in many different ways
Many different ways, that's the main idea.
Animals communicate in many different ways, 
Many different ways, that's the main idea.

All the wolves might arch their backs
Growl and warn with stiffened legs 
And they howl up at the moon 
Filling animals with dread

And wolves show just how they feel 
They report to their kind 
Smell for things in the snow 
Up and down, and behind

Male fireflies say, "Here I am" 
With their light to fe-males 
And he says, "Come over here" 
Almost never ever fails!

Elephant seals snort and roar 
Throw their noses, up in a crowd 
Manatees kiss and touch 
Gooney birds are very loud

Ms. Wood's class:
Ellen Ochoa Goes to Space (parody of When Johnny Comes Marching Home using an article about Astronaut Ellen Ochoa)
When Ellen Ochoa was a girl,
Hola!, Hola!
She saw the spacemen on the moon, 
Hola!, Hola!
She dreamed of being an astronaut,
Learning math in school, all A's she got,
And she dreamed of playing the flute in outer space!

Ellen Ochoa soon became an 
She made up a robot that could see, with 
Metal gears,
She applied to be an astronaut,
To learn the skills that they taught,
And they said no but she would not give up!

When Ellen Ochoa went to train,
Hola!, Hola!, 
She went to Texas with her husband, 
Hola!, Hola!,
She learned to use machines and tools,
And wearing a space suit was so cool,
And she worked so hard becoming an astronaut!

When Ellen Ochoa blasted off to
Outer Space,
The Shuttle Discovery traveled to a 
Distant place,
She saw the space station and satellite, 
It was such a beautiful sight,
And her dreams came true when she went to outer space!

And her dreams came true when she went to outer space!

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