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Germantown ES 2011

Germantown ES parody songs!


Germantown Elementary School, grade 2

We focused on the “Genres” for our song topic:

Tell You 'Bout the Genre (parody of Surfin USA)
Well I was readin' a story at my school one day
It was a comedy, it made me laugh and say
Mr Popper's penguins, skating around one day,
And I'll tell you 'bout the genre, of my book today.

I was reading Star Ward, a science fiction book,
It was called The Phantom Menace, I told my brother: "Look!",
Qui Gonn Jinn made a portal, and jumped out of the page,
And I dropped the book and tried to escape!

I was reading Harry Potter, it's a fantasy, 
He made friends with Ron, and Hermione,
He fought evil Voldemort, oh yeah he took him down,
I was very happy he knocked him to the ground!

Little Red Riding Hoo, it's a fairy tale,
She wen tto her grandmother's, but the wolf was there
He ate up little Rad, and swallowed her whole,
We really like it, it was funny, it shook the school!

When the Whos had Christmas, the grinch saved the day.
Smelly socks and onions, he ate them every day,
In the Dumpet to Crumpet, that was where he'd go,
He had a mean little heart, it was the worst you know.

I read Elf on a Shelf, it's a fairy take,
It has brothers and sisters, and Santa's there,
The elf he was spying in the kids each day,
He wished you very merry Christmas, then he flew away.

What Genre's that Story? (parody of How Much is that Doggie in the Window?)
What genre's that story that I'm reading?
THe one with the tattered up dress?
Cinderella's family makes her do chores,
I love that story the best!

I'm reading a book called Harry Potter,
A fantasy with magic spells,
Harry and Ron and Hermione
Defeat Voldemort, let me tell!

There's a fantasy called Peter Pan,
I like that story a lot!
There's a villain caleed Captain Hook
And Peter Pan beats him a lot.

I read a  poem called Jack and Jill,
They went up the hill to the well.
Jack fell down and then Jill did, 
A silly old poem, let me tell.

Young Ariel, she's a mermaid,
Shi lives in the sea with her dad,
She wishes she could live on land,
She marries a prince in the end.

Show Whilte's a folk tale that I'm reading, 
The one with the beaufiful dress,
In a cottage with dwarves in the forest
Sweeping up all of their mess!

Genre (parody of Lola)
I read it in a book over at my school,
I looked at the cover to try to find the genre, G-E-N-R-E genre.
When I got home I started right away,
I spent all night reading every page of that genre, G-E-N-R-E genre.

Jack and the Beanstalk's a picture book,
The fiant and Jack are the stars in thei fairy tale genre, G-E-N-R-E genre.

The diary of a wimpy kid
Is realistic fiction, that's the name of this genre, G-E-N-R-E genre.
He's got a mean brother who treats him bad, 
And never gets any help from his dad in this genre, G-E-N-R-E genre.

I read big Nate over at my school, 
I looked at the cover, to see if he didn't like Gina, G-I-N-A Gina.
They bothe went to school for science class,
Got mad at each other, and fiction is the name of this genre, G-E-N-R-E genre.

The story of the Grinch is a fantasy,
He stole Christmas fro the Whos, in the fantasy genre, G-E-N-R-E genre.
Who-ville has a roast beast the Christmas food,
The Grinch tried to take it but he never could in this genre, G-E-N-R-E genre.

I read Yeh-Shen, it's a fairy tale, 
Her step-family were so very mean in this genre, G-E-N-R-E genre.
She went to the festival and lost her shoe,
The Prince would have stopped her if he could, in this genre, G-E-N-R-E genre.

Harry Potter is a fantasy tale
He goes off to school to learn about spells and magic, M-A-G-I-C magic.
He files on a broom and he talks to snakes,
And fights Voldemort, for heaven's sake in this genre, G-E-N-R-E genre.

You Can Find the Genre (parody of Puff the Magic Dragon)
You can find the genre, of the things you read,
Look first at the cover, that might tell you what you need.
Read and turn the pages, find a brand new world,
A book can take you anywhere, every boy and girl!

Red Riding Hood's a folk tale, I read it in a book,
A basket filled with yummy cakes, to grandma's house she took,
The hungry wolf he wanted, grandma for a meal,
The hunter came to save them, this story isn't real.

How to Train a Dragon is a fantasy,
Hiccup and the dragon fly around the big blue sea,
The dragons had a war, and hiccup saved them all,
And Toothless and the little boy were best friends after all!

The Grinch is a fantasy, he lives on a hill,
His heart is small and empty, with love it's never filled,
All the Whos at Christmas, want to celebrate,
Then the Grinch is changed, that story's really great!

On the Polar Express, take a magic ride,
A fantasy, a magic train, to the other side,
Conductor he say "All Aboard!", the boy finds Santa Claus, 
They made the book a movie, I love it just because!

The Lorax is a fantasy, that means it isn't real, 
The Onceler's family doesn't care about how others feel.
The Truffala's were cut down, the animals ran away,
It's sad and yet the Onceler has some hopeful things to say.

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