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Emma K Doub ES Parody Lyrics 2011

Emma K Doub parodies!


Emma K Doub Elementary School, grade 3

This school does some awesome stuff, and I love the people here. It’s a long peaceful drive out to Hagerstown but I don’t mind if I have a good book on tape! In 2011 we focused on the science of sound for our topic:

Here Comes the Sound (parody of Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles)
Here comes the sound, doo-doo-doo dooo
Here comes the sound, and I say
It's too loud!

verse 1
I woke up when my alarm it made a loud high beep
My dog barked in my face, and then I went back to sleep
Mom's blow dryer WOOO annoying, and dad slammed the door
And a rooster's cock-a-doodle doo, oh please no more

verse 2
When I went downstairs I fell down with a clomp, wham, splat
My special birthday cake was shaped just like a spooky bat           
My face it hit the birthday cake, with a noisy squish
The splashing sound reminded me of a big old catfish

verse 3
Went outside and jumped inside the noisy big school bus
Heard the kids all screaming and the driver made a fuss
A kindergarten kid made noise by kicking on the seat
The tension of the fabric raised the pitch like a drum beat

verse 4
Got to school and a jack hammer sounded rat-a-tat
Saw a guy with a whopping belly and a yellow hat
Noisy John Deere digging, and its motor made a vroom
And I heard a swoosh-swish-swoosh of a sweeping broom

Good Vibrations (parody of Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys)
I'm picking' up good vibrations
I'll give you an explanation
Sounds are made by small vibrations
Ear drums picking' up radio stations
Good good good, good vibrations (repeat)

verse 1
The ravens made a touchdown don't you know
And they celebrated at the half-time show
Jumping wildly up and down on the stage
Cheering crowd, photo on the front page!

verse 2
Hangin' with the Hagerstown Suns wearing my baseball hat
I hear the crowd and the crack of a baseball bat
And the players yelling, oh what fun
The shortstop probably hit a big home run

verse 3
We went hunting and we heard the birds a-tweet
The vibration of a hunters gun up through my feet
Far away I heard the growling of a bear
I ran away 'cuz I was really scared

verse 4
I was singing in a concert crowd
The volume of the music it was loud
High pitch going through the megaphone
But I was listening on my own earphones

Stop with that noise I hear 
(parody of Stop in the Name of Love by the Diana Ross & the Supremes)
Stop with that noise I hear
Before you hurt my ear
Stop with the awful buzz
I'm going nuts because
It's so loud
It's so loud

verse 1
Stop with that banjo noise
Before I throw all my toys
When your banjo starts vibrating
The high pitched tone is nauseating

When the sound hits my eardrum
My inner ear with a thump, thump, thump
Sends a message to my cochlea
It makes my crazy, you have no idea

verse 2
We were watching Jack and Jill
It gave me such a thrill
But you were poppin' bubble wrap
Too loud with all the pops and snaps

The sound it traveled like a wave
It's gonna send me to my grave
The volume loud, the pitch was high
I went crazy and threw my pie.

verse 3
We were just having lunch
You munched a pickle with a crunch, crunch, crunch
The noisy munching made me duck and scream
The kosher dill was so juicy and green

The vibration was so strong
I think I'll hear it all life long
All that yellow juice down on the floor
Wonder if it was there before

verse 4
Your popping popcorn is so annoying
Can't hear the movie, I'm not enjoying
The sound is coming from a loud vibration
And makes the birds start a new migration

The popping pitch is very high
It would make an elephant cry
Ear drum thumping from the waves of sound
From popping popcorn in a mound  

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